» Focused on the specifics «

From our undestanding of B2B communications, we transfer the special requirements to the digital world.

» 3q5 is the digital agency of the EQS Group «

3q5 makes digital communication of B2B companies efficient and successful.

We are a passionate service provider and part of the listed EQS Group. We also highlight products that are difficult to explain. We know the challenges of a stock exchange listing.

With a strong team full of passion for digital communication we support you
- from the establishment of a brand identity
- and the development of your online strategy
- to the conception and implementation of websites and apps.

Exchange-listed customers also benefit from the many products and services EQS Group offers in the area of digital investor relations.

3q5 corporate digital agency

Every company has an exciting history, a strong product or an important service. Maybe even all of it. Let us tell the world what it is. Creative. Accurate. Successful.

Contact us now to discuss how we can help you best.

» 3q5 - a quintet with 300 creative minds«

Lisa, Franziska, Angelina, Christian and Vera are the faces of our agency - but behind our consultants, which accompany you during your projects, stands the large international EQS family.

For our mission to "make B2B communication more effective and more effective", we have almost 300 committed employees worldwide, including creative designers and copywriters, technologically inspired developers as well as experienced project managers and IR experts with a deep capital market understanding. With this team, 3q5 can also implement very large projects quickly.