» 3 quotes for each of our 5 reasons «

There are many reasons to contact us when planning a digital communications project.
5 of them are explained below.


» We specialise in B2B corporate
communication «

Our Home. Our Passion.

Use our experience and know-how. Since 2000, EQS Group has successfully established itself as a provider of digital B2B corporate communications.


Be understood. We work with a wide range of B2B companies including those with complex business models and niche target audiences, successfully positioning them using digital communication strategies.


Work with a strong partner – from strategy development to implementation. We support you from the development of your digital strategy to successful implementation.

b2b communicationheadbubble

» We are your partner «

Reliable. Fair. Transparent.


Long-term collaboration. We have long-standing relationships with our clients. We always aim to create a positive and effective working relationship.

Look at us as a sparring partner. Discuss ideas with us, let us explore opportunities for you and learn from our experiences.


Reduce time and budget planning risks. Our client relationships are long-lasting because we are always fair and transparent, and our time frames are realistic.

b2b service providerarmarm
b2b efficencyarm

» Our flexible structure makes it
possible to take on projects of all sizes «

Efficient. On Time. To the customer´s satisfaction.

Allocate resources appropriately. We put our specialised teams together according to the client’s specifications. Our size enables us take on very large projects and deliver in a timely manner.


We are tried and tested. We have a long and successful track record. We pride ourselves in working with a high level of transparency. This helps the client understand the processes and responsibilities; and us in delivering high quality work.


Always know what’s going on. Thanks to our experienced project managers, you are kept informed about the current status of your project.

seamless investor relationshandhand

» We are the only provider to offer seamless integration
of investor relations content into your website. «

Reliable. Responsive. Safe.


Save time and money. With our COCKPIT solution, you can improve workflows and minimize manual errors. IR content is automatically and immediately released onto the website.


Take advantage of our IR knowledge. As a specialist in the area of digital investor relations (and as a stock exchange listed company ourselves), we understand what a listing requires and know how to implement these requirements digitally.

Reliable data security. As an IR service provider, we are experts in dealing with sensitive data. We have the appropriate processes as well as highly secure servers in place.

b2b global player
b2b global player

» As a global player, we are also your partner for international strategies «

Munich | Hamburg | London | New York | Zurich | Hong Kong


Take advantage of our international know-how. EQS Group has offices in all major financial centres worldwide and is well acquainted with the requirements of local markets.

Our local expertise. Our local employees will advise you and support you in positioning your company in your respective market or when entering a new market.

Control your international communications through us. Thanks to our global presence, we offer communication advice and implementation from a single source.

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